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4 must-see Customer Intelligence Summit sessions for media pros

Traditional media is at a crossroads. Television audiences and newspaper readerships are declining, while digital publishers and OTT platforms are growing.

Whether you work for old or new media, connecting with your audience and attracting their ever-decreasing attention has never been more essential. And at the 2017 Customer Intelligence Summit in Washington, DC, that’s exactly what you’ll learn from business leaders from some of media’s most recognizable brands.

If you work in media, here are four sessions from the Summit you need to see.

Learn about POLITICO’s organizational transformation

To drive growth in its second decade, POLITICO is leveraging audience insight and pivoting to a data-driven, gut-aided organization. The result: a closer relationship with readers that leads to a bigger audience, millions in additional sales revenue and a more audience-centric culture.

In a breakout session on the first day of the Summit, Rebecca Haller, managing director of audience insights and data from POLITICO, will share her strategies for driving organizational transformation. Marketing and research leaders from BayCare Health System and Telstra will join Rebecca for this insightful discussion.

Discover how National CineMedia leverage audience insight

As the media market continues to fragment and new choices continue to appear, understanding your audience is paramount to retention and growth. For an advertising company like National CineMedia, getting insight about its main target audience of movie-goers is critical.

On the second day of the Summit, join Doug Pulick, SVP of strategic insights and analytics for National CineMedia, for an informational fireside chat exploring the strategies that work for the company.

Hear how PBS builds successful marketing campaigns

By getting closer to its viewers, PBS saved $650,000 per year in research costs and increased ratings by 22 percent. In fact, using audience insight, the revered broadcaster improved its programming and marketing messaging, leading to campaigns that resonate with its audience.

At the Summit, Susan Frazier, director of custom research at PBS, will share effective ways media marketers can use insight to improve their campaigns. This session will also feature Darrell Beneker of Aurora Health Care and Susan Corbelli of SMUD.

Understand how NASCAR integrates customer insight across its organization

Creating a world-class customer intelligence ecosystem requires breaking down data siloes, integrating tools in your tech stack and delivering agile insight to your stakeholders. Hear from Brooks Deaton, NASCAR’s director of consumer insights, as he shares his approach to integrating community insight to drive results .

The Customer Intelligence Summit offers business leaders in media the opportunity to learn from, get inspired by and network with the best minds in the industry. Join us in Washington, D.C. September 18-19.