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Building a world-class customer intelligence ecosystem of the future

NASCAR is no stranger to fan intelligence. One of the most popular sports in the world, the company established its popular insight community, the NASCAR Fan Council, 10 years ago. The community enables NASCAR to hear directly from fans and let them influence the sports they already love.

NASCAR isn’t resting on its laurels and is always looking for new ways to better engage with the 25,000 fans it has in its insight community. At Summit, Brooks Deaton, senior director of consumer insights at NASCAR, shared how the company is taking advantage of innovations in the Sparq 3 platform to develop deeper relationships with fans. He shared his experience leveraging Relationship MemoryTM as a Service—one of the new Sparq features we announced today—to uncover new insight about NASCAR’s fan base and get valuable qualitative insight in real-time.

Deaton was joined by leaders from Vision Critical’s product and customer success teams: Ben Kaye, Senior Director of Product Marketing, Tamara Pritchard, Product Manager – Activities, and Kristin Edwards, Customer Success Director.

No one company owns innovation

World-class customer intelligence ecosystems are built using intelligence-gathering tools thoughtfully designed to solve specific problems.

However, for a lot of brands, their tools sit in the ether and act independently of one another, with their own data stores. They are missing that connective tissue that brings exponential value to the ecosystem as a whole.

Relationship MemoryTM as a Service was developed to solve this very issue. Instead of uploading a list or having to buy sample, brands can target any online activity to the community members they already have. Not only will they have this built-in recruit source, but those members can bring all of their profile data with them.

It lets you take advantage of the functional innovation of new customer intelligence products while leaving the back-end recruitment and customer data tasks to Sparq. Relationship MemoryTM represents the connective tissue that creates a true, value-creating ecosystem.

While any application can access Relationship Memory as a Service, we highlighted two integrations at Summit: with SurveyGizmo, one of the most sophisticated survey tools in the world today, and Remesh, a platform that uses machine learning to understand and engage groups of people with real-time conversation.

NASCAR’s experience with Relationship MemoryTM as a Service

Deaton’s team had a chance to try Relationship MemoryTM as a Service when it integrated Remesh with its insight community. The goal was to better understand how fans consume NASCAR’s biggest race of the year: the Daytona 500. NASCAR also wanted to understand fan attitudes towards the event’s sponsors.

Through Relationship MemoryTM as a Service, Deaton invited people from the NASCAR Fan Council to participate in a study done on Remesh. He said that while the company’s research team prepared a detailed discussion guide for the study, he was able to change direction on the fly based on what people were saying on Remesh. NASCAR engaged fans the entire race day, deploying questions every 15 minutes to get feedback throughout the event.

The exercise provided NASCAR with valuable insight. It provided a better understanding of the experience fans have during race day: how they prepared for the race, what food and beverages they enjoyed, and when they visit social media.

“The ability to get real-time feedback on the implementation of the new format we've put in place was key to many stakeholders within the company,” revealed Deaton. “We were able to understand the lift from concept to implementation as the fans experienced it.”

Would Deaton recommend Sparq’s integration with Remesh? “Absolutely,” he said. “Our fans loved it and would like to do it again.”

To learn more about Relationship MemoryTM as a Service, check out our product spotlight. You can also leave your information below and we’ll get back to you shortly.