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Deliver personalized relationships to grow customer experiences

The key to building a great customer experience is building relationships – seeing and capturing the entire customer lifetime value. Relationship MemoryTM is a powerful tool for doing that.

At Summit, leaders from Vision Critical’s customer success and product teams shared proven and innovative strategies for personalizing the customer experience using Relationship MemoryTM. The session was led by Christy Ransom, VP of customer success; Brent Peppiatt, product manager, community; and Lisa Slouffman, director, product marketing.

Here are five takeaways from the session.

1. Build dynamic, detailed personas

As you’re building and growing your insight community, you need to have a clear picture of who you’d like to reach. The first step is to create personas that humanize the motivations, behaviors and attitudes of your ideal members.

Start by examining the data and information you already have on hand. What do you already know about your customers, and what do you want to learn in the future? Are there segments of your customer base that you’d like to engage more? Don’t forget to collaborate with your stakeholders to make your personas richer.

2. Personalize recruitment

Once you have your personas nailed down, it’s a lot easier to identify the right recruitment approach. One example the speakers shared involves a persona named Vivid Valerie being targeted by a fictional retailer: a 23-year-old recent college grad who enjoys shopping as a social activity and frequently communicates through Facebook Messenger, Instagram and text messages. Since this persona values experiences, it makes sense to include in-store events as a recruitment tactic. Leveraging Valerie’s favorite social networks should also be part of the recruitment strategy.

As this example shows, the more detailed your personas are, the easier it is to identify the tactics and channels that will drive the growth of your insight community.

3. Build communities to engage different personas

The speakers recommend using a separate insight community for each persona. This helps ensure that the whole member experience—from the look of your community to the activities you deploy—aligns with the likes, attitudes and preferences of your members. Using Connected Communities in Sparq, you can centralize customer intelligence and analysis from all of those communities in one admin experience.

Note: We’ll have more to share about this after tomorrow’s product keynote.

4. Reach and engage members using the channels they know

Meet your customers where they are. Email is a popular way of sending activities to community members, but there are many other alternatives. Social media and messaging apps are promising channels to recruit members and deploy activities.

They highlighted two new integrations that empower your members to engage with you on their terms. Tomorrow’s product keynote will have more detail–stay tuned.

5. Evolve your profiles over time

Always be building and evolving your profiles, so that you can deepen and further personalize the customer experience. Relationship MemoryTM gives you the power to do this easily, throughout customers’ lifetimes with you, so that you can capture their full lifetime value

If you’d like to learn more about using the Sparq platform to deliver personalized experiences to your customers, please let us know below.