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Exploring 4 big marketing challenges at the Customer Intelligence Summit

There has never been a better time to be a marketer. With more tools and technologies available at the disposal of marketers, companies today have more opportunities to develop innovative campaigns that customers will remember.

But the reality is that many campaigns still fail in the market today. For instance, it’s not unusual for big, celebrity-endorsed campaigns to fall flat—or, worse, completely backfire.

At the Customer Intelligence Summit, several sessions will tackle the biggest challenges facing marketing professionals today, and present ideas and solutions you can take home with you.

Challenge #1: Creating memorable and effective campaigns

On any given day, the average consumer sees 10,000 brand messages. With that much noise in the market, companies need to find a way to stand out—in a good way.

Ultimately, great marketing is about really knowing your customers: their motivations, attitudes and aspirations. If you know what makes your customer tick, you’re more likely to create ads that speak to your target audience. If you know what channels your customers go to, you can make smarter investments with your budget.

That said, creating a customer-led marketing campaign is more difficult that it seems. At Summit, we’ve invited marketing experts from Aurora Health Care, PBS and SMUD to share how they created effective marketing campaigns that led to higher brand awareness, increased conversions and more revenue. This must-see session will bring to life what “customer-led marketing” actually means.

Challenge #2: Understanding the next generation of consumers

The generation coming after Millennials, often called “iGen”, is still shrouded in mystery. How are they different from previous generations? What motivates them to buy? What kinds of brands do they like—and why?

Alexandra Samuel, technology writer and expert, will answer these questions and more during a breakout session during the Summit’s second day.

Challenge #3: Showing ROI

An ever-present challenge for marketers is to justify their work with meaningful, impactful ROI. Although it’s easy to watch trends in revenue or profits, it’s more difficult to link these numbers to specific marketing initiatives.

But with the new tools made available by technology and insight communities, it’s easier than ever to demonstrate that your work does matter. Join customer intelligence experts from Keurig Canada, Sun Life Financial and Bauer Media UK to learn three different ways to measure ROI for marketing and customer intelligence campaigns. The session will include case studies and practical techniques for measuring three types of ROI.

Challenge #4: Being more relevant to customers

Ultimately, companies hire marketers to create brands that customers love. But many marketers struggle to rise to this call. Many marketers resort to spamming their customers instead of building a better relationship with them.

Unless you offer something unique, helpful, entertaining or personalized, your company’s emails and marketing messages will probably just end up in the virtual trash bin--or worse, the spam folder, where they are never even seen.

James Veitch, comedian and a popular TED talk speaker, will close the Summit with an entertaining exploration of spam, how it affects your company’s reputation, and how you can avoid it. You don’t want to miss this incredible ending to two days of non-stop learning and networking with other marketers from the world’s biggest brands.