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Connected Communities: A big step to centralizing customer intelligence

To continuously deliver innovative products, effective marketing campaigns and memorable experiences, companies need a holistic view of their customers. Creating a centralized customer intelligence ecosystem that breaks down silos across brands and markets is key to doing that.

Connected Communities, one of the five game-changing features we announced at Summit, provides a massive leap forward in centralizing how companies gather and use customer intelligence. Built specifically for global brands and multi-market companies, this feature streamlines how teams manage multiple communities while providing the ability to maintain a unique branded member experience for each.

This exciting innovation enables you to compare data and profiles across different communities—a critical step to uncovering new insight and segments that would be difficult to discover in a decentralized system.

Connected Communities allow you to:

  • Work faster as a team and drive efficiency by providing one, centralized platform to create, deploy and analyze Sparq 3 activities
  • Compare any piece of insight from any connected community
  • Standardize profiles across communities to uncover nuances and trends

Most tools in the customer intelligence space today offer decentralized, cumbersome approaches to managing standalone communities. The unparalleled functionalities of Connected Communities changes that—it is an invaluable tool to getting a truly complete view of your customers.

Connected Communities are available starting October 2017. If you’d like more information, please get in touch with us below.