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Social Deployments: A more social way to engage with your members

To drive participation and maximize response rates in your insight community, you need to engage with members while they’re on the go.

With Social Deployments, a new Sparq 3 feature, you’re no longer chained to email as the only way to reach customers. At Summit, we announced integrations that allow you to connect with members through Facebook and WeChat—two of the most popular social messaging networks in the world today.

With Social Deployments, you can:

  • Engage members anywhere, using the social channels they already know and love
  • Reach your customers without sacrificing the ability to target and personalize the experience
  • Drive more engagement and responses from members, even while they’re on the go

Social Deployments are integrated with Sparq 3, letting you leverage the full power of Relationship Memory to deliver the right activity to the right member.

Our integration with Facebook Messenger is now available for Sparq 3 customers through our partner VC Labs. This integration allows you to engage people who are already part of your community.

WeChat integration is available for limited release. With this integration, you can invite new customers to join your community and continue engaging with them via WeChat once they’re members.

If you have any questions about Social Deployments, please let us know below.