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Member Hubs and Stakeholder Hubs: New ways of sharing and distributing insight within Sparq

Sharing back what you’ve learned with your community members is a critical step to building deeper customer relationships. It creates mutual value and ensures that your customers remain actively engaged and invested in your community.

At Summit, we unveiled a new feature that will enable you to share valuable content with community members faster than ever. They’re called Member Hubs, and they offer a full set of tools to help you create and distribute content effortlessly. With features like one-click sharing, drag-and-drop newsletters, multimedia support, and interactive likes and commenting, Member Hubs make it easy to share and engage with members authentically and strengthen your relationship with them.

Member Hubs allow you to:

  • Share back insight from Sparq 3 with your customers with just a few clicks of the mouse
  • Start a conversation – tag and share compelling content from anywhere on the web
  • Give members a voice and the chance to like, comment, and share directly inside the hub
  • Identify content your community members love using detailed analytics

Member Hubs also let you create newsletters in a matter of minutes. Sparq users can utilize drag-and-drop features to package up their best insight, compile that into a newsletter, and share with community members to keep them up to date and encourage them to come back.

Using Member Hubs, you can easily demonstrate and reinforce how members impact and influence your company, while creating a two-way dialogue—one of the best ways to build deeper relationships with your community members over time.

The ability to send newsletters through Member Hubs will be available to all Vision Critical customers in a staggered rollout beginning just after the Summit. Member Hub portals will be available in early 2018.

Distributing insight across your organization—now more seamless than ever before

At Summit, we also shared some powerful new enhancements to Stakeholder Hubs (formerly Sparq Share). As we announced earlier this year, Stakeholder Hubs are private and secure workspaces that allow you to distribute what you learn from your insight community to the edges of your organization with ease. They centralize insight and make it accessible to your team from anywhere, at any time, and from any device.

Stakeholder Hub’s latest update will mirror many of the features of Member Hubs, empowering you to tell a better story and seamlessly share media-rich insight with them. With this enhancement, you can use Stakeholder Hubs to not just deliver insights, but also to ensure ongoing collaboration with stakeholders and decision-makers throughout your organization with likes, shares and commenting functionality.

The new version of Stakeholder Hubs will be available in 2018.

Want more information about Member Hubs or Stakeholder Hubs? Please get in touch with us below, and we will get back to you very shortly.