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Relationship Memory as a Service: Ask any way you like, in more ways than ever

Many Vision Critical customers already complement Sparq with other intelligence tools in their quest for customer insight. But, until today, there was no connective tissue between these tools. There was no collective understanding of the customer because different tools acted as independent silos with their own data stores. The result: limited customer insight and a disconnected, not-so-seamless customer experience.

That changes today with Relationship MemoryTM as a Service, a powerful and flexible new tool that connects any third-party insight tool to the Relationship MemoryTM you already have in Sparq 3. Using APIs, this game-changing feature provides best-in-class intelligence tools with two-way access to your community and Relationship MemoryTM, allowing you to connect the insight you get from different tools while providing community members the best experience possible.

With Relationship MemoryTM as a Service, you can:

  • Connect Sparq 3 to best-in-class research tools like SurveyGizmo and Remesh
  • Target and personalize activities for the right customers
  • Find unexpected insights through combined analytics
  • Build even deeper customer profiles

While you can work with any partner directly to take advantage of Relationship MemoryTM as a Service, at Summit we highlighted two cutting edge research tools we’ve already powered with Relationship MemoryTM, SurveyGizmo and Remesh. SurveyGizmo is one of the most sophisticated survey tools in the world today, and its advanced features allow you to fine tune your surveys, automate processes and trigger workflows. SurveyGizmo’s advanced reporting, paired with the power of Relationship MemoryTM, delivers in-depth market insight in a simplified user experience.

Another integration is with Remesh, a platform that uses machine learning to understand and engage groups of people with real-time conversation. With Remesh, you can engage thousands of your customers at scale and gain qualitative insight from open-ended answers in a matter of minutes. You can leverage the attitudinal and demographic segmentation you have in your Relationship MemoryTM to engage the right consumers in Remesh and analyze results.

Integrations with SurveyGizmo and Remesh are now available for Vision Critical customers. If you’d like more information, please let us know below.