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New Sparq 3 innovations: Putting customer relationships above all else

Every innovation we are building into the Sparq 3 platform is aimed at making it easier for our customers to focus on building relationships, while making the platform more flexible, more scalable, faster and easier to use.

We are in an industry that respects innovation above all else so heading into this year’s Summit, we wanted to push the boundaries of innovation more than ever before. Our goal: provide technology that makes it simpler for you to accomplish more, simpler to create deeper insight faster, and simpler to share your best work with your organization.

More detailed information about all our new products can be found on the Summit Hub, but I wanted to share the highlights.

Members Hubs and Sparq Share provide social spaces that make sharing content and engaging with members and stakeholders as simple as posting to Facebook.

Connected Communities provide global and multi-language brands a dramatically simplified way to manage and engage multiple insight communities using one, centralized interface.

Relationship MemoryTM as a Service is a powerful and flexible new way to connect any third-party insight tool, like SurveyGizmo or Remesh, to the Relationship MemoryTM that you already have in Sparq 3.

Social Media Deployments open more ways of reaching members and driving engagement by allowing you to invite community members to Sparq 3 activities through Facebook Messenger and WeChat.

Customer Relationship Intelligence Science, or CRIS, is our proprietary suite of Artificial Intelligence (AI) applications. CRIS can recommend ways to maximize engagement, leverage advanced models to fill in gaps in your data, and suggest the right activities to drive deeper insight.

There is more that I can highlight, but what is exciting is that there is more innovation to come. In 2018, you’ll hear about advances that will underpin a growing movement to radically transform the approach we take to aid your intelligence gathering.

Vision Critical is working hard to provide you with technology to redefine how your brand thinks about relationships with your customers. Why? To give you a platform for relationship intelligence today, tomorrow and well into the future.

If you have any questions about these new features, please let us know below.