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Talking tech at the 2017 Customer Intelligence Summit

Agile product development and digital transformation are big themes at the 2017 Customer Intelligence Summit. If you work in tech, these sessions, in particular, will give you actionable tips on accelerating product development, maximizing conversions and boosting your customer lifetime value.

Learn how LinkedIn used customer insight for effective and efficient product development

Launching seven insight community programs allowed LinkedIn’s research team to provide timely insight to their stakeholders in the marketing, engineering and product teams. Today, agile insight helps improve various aspects of LinkedIn’s product, including its redesigned desktop and app experiences. The results: a sixfold increase in research activity, and more premium membership conversions.

Join Karen Bills of LinkedIn to learn about the link between deeper customer relationships and agile product development. Sarah Koval of Jamieson Laboratories and Elizabeth Macrae from Atlantic Lottery Corporation will also discuss their own insight-to-product process in this session.

Hear how Telstra drove company-wide transformation with customer-centric thinking

Australian telecommunications and media company Telstra is a pioneer in digital innovation and experience. In a session at our Summit, the 2017 APAC Visionary Winner of the Year will share how it is revolutionizing the Australian mobile market using insight from its customers. The company’s story is compelling: it used customer intelligence to shape its digital business strategy, improving the lifetime value of its customers in the process.

Join Marie Guardabascio, Telstra’s research manager of customer experience and advocacy insight, to learn the approach Telstra took to elevate the voice of the customer to keep pace with disruptions. She will be joined by Rebecca Haller from POLITICO and Brian Curtiss from BayCare Health Systems.

Leverage machine learning to drive relationship intelligence

Many software giants are already investing heavily in machine learning and artificial intelligence. And as you’ll learn in this breakout session, machine learning will soon transform how you develop customer relationships and get insight.

Join Vision Critical’s in-house data scientist in this breakout session to learn how AI and machine learning will help maximize the accuracy of your insight, the relevance of your data, and boost the value you get from your customer relationship intelligence platform.

Discover new tools to improve your customer relationships

We’re opening Day 2 with a keynote from Divesh Sisodraker, Vision Critical’s chief product officer. He’ll present exciting product developments and innovations that will help you build better customer relationships, and get insight faster than ever before.

Get to know the Digital Native with Alexandra Samuel

Prepare for the next generation of consumers, the iGen, with writer and technology expert Alexandra Samuel. The iGen won’t be defined by whether or not they use technology; it will be defined by how they use it. Samuel predicts that the iGen will behave in ways we have never seen before, both at work and in the market.

Join other forward-thinking marketers, product developers and CX professionals at this year's Summit. Register today.