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The need for speed: Exploring agile product development at #VCSummit

About 95 percent of new products fail in the market. This stat, from Harvard Business School, is a painful reminder that product innovation isn't easy. And as competition increases in many industries, the need to launch hit products will only become more important in the years ahead.

So how do you deliver products that are useful for customers and profitable for your company? That’s a key question we’re answering at this year’s Customer Intelligence Summit. Here’s a preview.

Learn how to use agile insight for better product decisions

Customer-led product innovation sounds like a no-brainer, but not many companies actually do it that way. Why? Because of lack of speed and timing. Product teams move fast—and they want to get customer feedback quickly.

Several sessions at the Summit will show how companies can leverage deep customer relationships to deliver the agile insight required by product teams. On the first day, product innovators from LinkedIn, Jamieson Laboratories and Atlantic Lottery Corporation will share how to design customer-led product development workflows and how to improve collaboration. On the second day of the Summit, LinkedIn, Cleveland Clinic and Vision Critical leaders will host an “Ask me anything” Q&A session that will surely touch on product development questions.

Take your innovation efforts global

If you’re a global company facing increasing competition and changing consumer tastes, how would reverse slowing growth?

For CPG giant Coca-Cola, the answer is simple: by doubling down on global innovation.

Don’t miss our breakout session with Pamela Chin Mittoo from Coca-Cola’s Global Research & Development team to learn about the challenges and opportunities in establishing a global innovation community. You’ll leave this session with a deeper understanding of how to balance global and local needs as you scale your innovation efforts.

Innovate for the next generation of consumers

Product innovators not only have to worry about global innovation—they also have to look ahead to the next generation of consumers. Products that work today may be completely ignored tomorrow as technology evolves and consumer expectations evolve.

Get ahead of your competition now by engaging with the next generation of consumers. Technology expert Alexandra Samuel will be at Summit to share her findings on “iGen”—the generation after Millennials that’s set to change the business landscape in the next decade ahead.