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What #VCSummit has in store for CX pros

According to a recent report from Forrester, customer experience quality across businesses is stagnating, or getting worse. In fact, only 18% of American companies have “good” or “excellent” customer experience scores, according to the report, and the number of brands with an excellent CX score has collapsed to zero between 2016 and 2017.

Customer experience gets a lot of buzz, but as Forrester's report shows, a lot of concrete, focused work still has to be done in this space. This is especially true for organizations where the customer has little to no voice. At the Customer Intelligence Summit, attendees will have plenty of opportunities to learn how to make the case for more customer-focused CX initiatives in your organization.

Bridge the CX reality gap

On the second day of the Summit, Rick Parrish from Forrester will deliver a keynote presentation on how to bridge the gap between customers and the C-suite. His talk will provide a framework for customer experience management that’s both practical and useful.

According to Parrish’s research, the quality of customer experiences is declining across the entire business landscape. Why is this happening? What can CX professionals do to stem the tide and refocus their organizations towards making customer-centric decisions? This session will be essential for those who want to understand the true drivers of CX effectiveness.

Drive organizational transformation

The most effective CX professionals know not only how to measure customer experience and satisfaction, but also how to build an organization-wide strategy that influences decision-making. Driving organizational change is one of the biggest challenges CX experts have now.

Another session on the first day of the Summit will focus on exactly that. A breakout session with experts from POLITICO, BayCare Health Systems and Telstra will discuss how to reimagine your career as a driver of change, build an excellent team to support your initiatives, and inspire your C-suite with the value of customer insight.

Identify the moments that matter

Now that you know how to drive customer-focused change in your organization, you’ll need actual data to support it. The first step is to fully and thoroughly map your customer’s journey. Any marketing expert knows the value of a customer journey, but is yours really helpful in making decisions, or does it need a little more depth?

If you want to improve the quality of your customer journey, attend a breakout session hosted by experts from Priority Health, The Ohio State University and Southwest Airlines. Speakers will discuss how you can use the customer journey to find the metrics that matter most to your business, and how to measure the business impact of your work.

Show ROI

You have a CX strategy, you have CX metrics; now you need to tie those metrics to revenue and profit, and show the C-suite that customer experience does matter.

A breakout session on the second day of the Summit will present case studies for three CX ROI measures: functional ROI, aspirational ROI, and business confidence. Learn directly from customer insights specialists from Sun Life Financial, Bauer Media UK and Keurig Canada, who have used these ROI measures to support their own customer experience efforts.